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Martha MacDonald

Writer. Comedian. Performer.


About Me...

As a satirical columnist, comedic playwright, sketch writer and viral hit stand-up poet, Martha MacDonald has worked as a comedy writer since she was a teenager. She now runs her own freelance writing business through which she's regularly commissioned for comedy content by various clients.

Currently working towards her debut stand-up show 'SHELL' - an homage to her pet tortoise - previewing at the Jersey Arts Centre on 11 June. 

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SHELL - Jersey Arts Centre

Comedy writer, poet and performer Martha MacDonald has a very noisy head… and an excruciatingly quiet tortoise. 

Join Martha for a work-in-progress version of her debut one-woman-show SHELL – a whirligig of stand-up comedy, oversharing, poetry and heavily tortoise-themed therapy.



'Well versed in finding the funny side of life' - Jersey Evening Post

The Weekend Big Read - 5 June, 2021

In an extensive interview with JEP journalist Tom Ogg, Martha talks about her writing career so far, her comedy inspirations and how she can find humour in everything from the latest breaking headlines to a pimple she had on her chin once.

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Listen: Martha on 'Into Words'

Martha chats to 'Into Words' podcast host Becky Lancashire about the power of comedy poetry, her own (lacking) sense of coolness and her comedic ambitions.

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