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Martha MacDonald

Writer. Comedian. Performer.

Coming soon...

17 & 18 September at The Hope Theatre, Islington

When Margot’s dad dies, her main worries are keeping it together during the eulogy and how she can’t listen to ‘The Cure’ without bursting into tears... never in a million years did she think he would actually leave her the f***ing tortoise. 

This hibernating reptile has now outlived two generations of her family, and Margot’s worried that she might be next. 

This production is kindly supported by ArtHouse Jersey.

About Me...

As a satirical columnist, comedic playwright, sketch writer and viral hit stand-up poet, Funny Women Content Creator Award Finalist Martha MacDonald is an original new voice in comedy.

Martha is a credited writer on the first series of BBC Radio sketch show 'DMs Are Open' and she has also written for a number of publications including Country Life Magazine.

Having recently written and performed her first stand-up show 'SHELL' - an homage to her pet tortoise - Martha is now working towards a UK tour. 

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Listen: Martha on 'Into Words'

Martha chats to 'Into Words' podcast host Becky Lancashire about the power of comedy poetry, her own (lacking) sense of coolness and her comedic ambitions.

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