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Martha MacDonald

Writer. Comedian. Performer.

About Me...

As a satirical columnist, comedic playwright, sketch writer and viral hit stand-up poet, Funny Women Content Creator Award Finalist Martha MacDonald is an original new voice in comedy.

Martha is a credited writer on the first series of BBC Radio sketch show 'DMs Are Open' and she has also written for a number of publications including Country Life Magazine.

Having recently written and performed her first stand-up show 'SHELL' - an homage to her pet tortoise - Martha is now working towards a UK tour. 

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SHELL - Jersey Arts Centre

Comedy writer, poet and performer Martha MacDonald has a very noisy head… and an excruciatingly quiet tortoise. 

Martha debuted her one-woman-show SHELL - a whirligig of stand-up comedy, oversharing, poetry and heavily tortoise-themed therapy at the Jersey Arts Centre on 11 June 2022.

Listen: Martha on 'Into Words'

Martha chats to 'Into Words' podcast host Becky Lancashire about the power of comedy poetry, her own (lacking) sense of coolness and her comedic ambitions.

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