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Comedian, poet, performer

Since going freelance mid-pandemic, Martha began writing and performing comedy poetry videos which satirise everything from topical headlines, the woes of internalised capitalism and being a girlboss. Her poems soon gained traction online, racking up tens of thousands of views across TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

Martha is a credited writer on the BBC Radio 4 Extra series 'DMs Are Open' and has had her comedy writing performed locally and in London. She is currently working towards a UK tour of her new show 'SHELL' - an off-beat coming of age story with the unlikely muse of the tortoise she inherited from her grandparents.

WATCH: Martha performing LIVE

In a comedy poetry mash-up, Martha takes the audience on a hilarious journey of her particular brand of 20-something angst. From adult acne to girlbosses and the perils of being a young woman on the Internet, Martha can find humour in almost anything.

Video courtesy of JP Le Blond at Senergy Digital and ArtHouse Jersey.

Hindsight's 20/20 - ArtHouse Jersey Presents

This satirical poem reflects on the feeling of living through an historic moment. It imagines a future where people are looking back on the year 2020 and judging the decisions we did (or didn't) make.